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Adam Čajka portrait

Adam Čajka

Speaks English, Czech
Certified Trainer since 2022
"NVC is a way how we can relate, collaborate and learn differently. I hope one day we could move from separation and scarcity to interconnectedness and flow."

My background is Development Studies research and in education about global issues (10 years experience). I worked for four years as a facilitator in socially excluded areas in Czechia. After years of working with some content, facts and arguments, I moved more towards processes. In my facilitator's role I draw on NVC, especially Convergent Facilitation and Art of Hosting.

As a facilitator, mediator and NVC trainer I am passionate about participatory processes supporting both learning and working. My deep interest is in restorative justice. I work with quite a large spectrum of groups (e.g. public administration, companies, non-profits, schools, theatres, prisons, foresters etc).

“My mission as a facilitator and mediator is to design participatory processes and support people in having conversations that matter. I also share NVC through both public and organisational trainings.”

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  • Social Change

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