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Aad de Bruijn Portrait

Aad de Bruijn

Speaks English, Dutch
Certified Trainer since 2023

As a business trainer, my passion and focus are on leadership, collaboration, and communication in organizations. I support leaders and teams in developing workplaces where people flourish and where psychological safety goes hand in hand with challenge, inspiration, and performance. And learning as a professional and human being is correlated with the success of the organization.
I am particularly passionate about working with ‘the next generation of leaders’. Apart from the fun and energy it brings, I see this as a vital entry point for creating a (more) life-serving workplace and society.

Professional background: I studied International Management at the Amsterdam School of Business and Law at the University of Amsterdam. Subsequently, I worked for nine years as an attorney. In 2003 I switched careers and followed my heart to the area of leadership-, team- and organizational development and started my own company. From 2015 onwards, NVC has become ‘the heartbeat’ in our work (and personal life).

I’m married to the love of my life ;-) And we have two beautiful - young adult - sons.
And I love swimming, hiking in nature, and great conversations around our dinner table…

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  • Education

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