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The Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication Book Front Cover

The Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication

A Course in Living Compassion


To fully empower our place in life and our engagement in life, we must first cultivate and strengthen the center from which we engage with life. When we act from our center, fueled by love, we start to harness a force that is beyond what we’ve known is possible. The development and intention of this material is an invitation to develop a foundational consciousness.” ~ Robert Gonzales

From an Amazon Customer: 

"I enjoyed this book tremendously. I have been practicing NVC for several years and I have found in this book what I did not find in other works. It is the perfect companion for an inner journey towards healing, better self-knowledge and self-acceptance and mostly self-compassion. It is a must if you use NVC as a tool for inner peace."

The Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication Book Back Cover

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To celebrate Robert's life and honor his outstanding work, some dedicated friends took on the task, to fulfill one of Robert's life dreams of publishing his teachings in book form to provide access and support for an even wider community. Published a year after his death : November 19, 2022.