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The Giraffe Language School

A Fantastic Peace Language Adventure


The Giraffe Language School
A Fantastic Peace Language Adventure

Children have to go to school, grown-ups have to go to work!
Those who disobey the rules get punished.That's also a rule!
You must behave well at school, do your homework at home.
You have to read and write fluently.
Everyone always has to ask ''How is school?''
Is that really how it is?

''Sheesh, I'm so fed up!''

Will was fed up with rules and things he 'had to' do.He moaned about it to himself,
alone in his room.But he was unaware that a pair of caring ears was listening to him.
Who do you think these ears belonged to? Can you guess?

''Is there a place where I can do things I feel like doing instead of things I have to do?''

Will didn't have a clue, but what he had asked was a key question. How could he have
guessed that this question would open up the door to a magical world? What kind of
adventure awaits him? Do you think he can discover that place where he can do things
he feels like doing? And could it by any chance be somewhere you can go, too?

Come on, join us on a journey! We're flying to The Giraffe Language School on Peace
Island, far, far away from things we 'have to' do!


"It's visually outstanding and provides an unambiguous message through the story, giving the reader/listener the oppurtunity to find it for themself. The text seems suited for a slightly older age-range than the illustrations would suggest, but this type of book is ideal for adult-child (group or individual) sharing, so the text with opportunities for entertaining vocal inflections seems ideal."

Dr.Melissa Juchniewicz, Visiting Faculty Lecturer
Umass Lowell University, Senior Teaching Faculty,
First-Year Writing Program Professor of Children's Literature, Department of English
Faculty Fellow, Living Learning Communities

"In raising a child, we are creating the future. The educational and cultural policies of a society shape future generations. This book offers a solid critique of education based on memorized dogmas and stereotypes. Not only is it relevant to children, but to everyone involved in raising the next generation. The author, sezer aksoy, presents something new but within a child- friendly, fantastical and fairytale-like content. In a child's rapidly developing mental and imaginary world, their inner journey towards developing a sense of democracy, respect for others' differences, and confidence in expressing themselves, could not be captured more beautifully than in the giraffe language school."

Dr. Nevin Eracar
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist,
Head of Pscychology Dept. at T.C. Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University


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