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Feelings and Needs Card Set


One set includes:

– A pack of boxed feelings cards
– A pack of boxed needs cards

**Free shipping within UK** | **UK shipping ONLY** 

These cards can be used by anyone who wants to develop their emotional and needs literacy. They are a wonderful resource for supporting the learning of NVC.

Use them in organisations, in families, in schools (with teachers, staff and children), with friends or simply use them alone.

  • Download a free pdf of 9 ways to use the feelings and needs cards on your own
  • Each box set includes 64 feelings and 64 needs cards
  • Cards are professionally finished and wipeable  (10 x 6 cms)
  • Beautifully clear, modern white writing on the background (pinky red for feelings and mid-blue for needs)
  • Specially designed to be easily read in-hand and when they are laid out on the floor
  • Unique feature – you can still read the words when the cards are fanned out in your hand
  • Back of cards have giraffe skin pattern
  • Professional looking – for corporate as well as more informal settings
  • Includes instructions for two games, explaining how to use the cards with groups
  • Cards are numbered so it’s easy to reassemble multiple packs


1. FREE SHIPPING – We can post the cards only once a week, by second class Royal Mail. This means that the delivery time will be a minimum of 4 days and can be as long as 10 days.

2. We cannot post outside UK due to limited capacity of our operations. Perhaps a friend in UK can order them for you to their address and then post the cards to you?

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These cards can be used by anyone who wants to develop their emotional and needs literacy