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Coaching for Transformation

Pathways to Ignite Personal & Social Change


Coaching for Transformation: Empowering Personal Growth & Social Change

Overview: "Coaching for Transformation" offers a fresh perspective on coaching by not only focusing on empowering clients for personal growth but also advocating for social change. This book delves deep into how self-awareness tools can ignite a passion in clients, helping them to discover their deepest desires and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Inside-Out Model: Unlike traditional "how-to" guides, this book presents a coaching model from the inside out. It explores the intricate relationship between mind, heart, body, and spirit in both the coach and the client.

Five Pathways to Transformation:

  1. Exploring Needs and Values - Reconnect with what truly matters.
  2. Experiencing the Moment - Find power in the present.
  3. Envisioning the Future - Dream big and set visionary goals.
  4. Expanding the View - Broaden perspectives to see the bigger picture.
  5. Embracing the Shadow - Acknowledge and integrate all parts of self.

Each pathway revitalizes passion and fosters commitment to actions that are in harmony with one's true self.

Empathic Presence and Empowerment: The book introduces ways to develop an empathic presence that empowers individuals to take action rooted in deep self-understanding.

The Coach's Stand: Learn to develop your "coach's stand"—a unique blend of physical, mental, and spiritual qualities that inspire clients through both compassionate and fierce coaching.

Beyond the Conventional: "Coaching for Transformation" seeks to extend the reach of coaching beyond individuals with power and privilege, fostering sacred relationships that guide clients to profound self-discovery and how they can contribute meaningfully to society.

Holistic Approach: With 24 coaching skills, the book supports clients in identifying and striving toward goals that contribute to a better world, leading to empowerment and sustainable change.

Authors and Their Vision: Written by successful coaches who run a transformative 9-month coaching certification program through Leadership that Works, they are pioneers in introducing coaching to nonprofits and social activists. Their diverse clientele includes social sector leaders, philanthropists, corporate executives, universities, and individuals from all backgrounds.

Detailed Contents:

  • Section I: Getting Started
  • Section II: Pathways to Alignment
  • Section III: Making Visions Real
  • Section IV: Evolution of Coaching

Key Features:

  • Real coaching dialogue examples for immediate application.
  • A holistic approach for empowerment and lasting change.
  • A commitment to social change and creating better worlds through coaching.

Dive into "Coaching for Transformation" and embark on a journey that transcends traditional coaching, fostering deep connections and catalyzing societal change through personal growth.

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