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Grokit! NVC Facilitation Manual cover

Classroom Kids GROK Cards

Large Feelings and Needs Cards
— 58 color illustrations--29 feelings cards and 29 needs/values cards

Classroom Kids GROK Cards are enlarged versions (8.5x11) of the Kids GROK cards. Printed on high quality cardstock, the cards can be used in any children’s learning environment. Both sets of cards are intended for a teacher, parent, or trainer to playfully share with children.

Each of the feelings cards has a bear face expressing a feeling. The needs cards each illustrate a specific need being met. The single word at the top of each card is a primary word designed for kids ages 3-6. The secondary words at the bottom are similar more advanced words for older children.

Increased studies report that social emotional learning skills (SEL) support children to be more empathetic and achieve success in school and life. In response to this data, educators around the world are shifting their curriculum to include SEL. 

Please see our “How to GROK” page for suggestions on ways to incorporate Classroom Kids GROK cards in your learning environment and consider acquiring the Feelings and Needs posters to supplement the cards.

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