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a window to a world of Nonviolent Communication.

could this be the start of something beautiful?

Would you like to share your creations with the global Nonviolent Communication community and create a mutually-beneficial relationship with CNVC?

If you have an NVC-related book, video, audio, game, or learning tool that can be purchased by people online, we want to show it off for you in our online store! With visitors from 137 countries, and tens of thousands of visitors per month, our website is the most far-reaching NVC website in the world and we want to refer people to products that will benefit them.

Our mission at CNVC is to contribute to more sustainable, compassionate, and “life-serving” human relations; and our online store is part of this. So, if you have a ‘yes in your heart’ for a relationship of reciprocity with CNVC, we invite you to fill out the rest of this form.

Note: for clarity, we do not sell products directly. Instead, we have a "virtual" store where we list items and then provide a link that people can click to visit the website where they can actually purchase items.

About you



Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that together, we can sustain over the long term. We want you to benefit by:
* having more people learn about your creations
* selling more of your products which brings income to you
* fufilling your purpose in creating the products in the first place

We would like to benefit by:
* advancing our mission of sharing Nonviolent Communication throughout the world
* earning affiliate income (either formally or informally) to allow us to maintain the store and expand it
* developing a partnership relationship with creators that hopefully can grow over time

This means you could provide us with a link that automatically tracks that people were referred to your ordering site from CNVC. Note: This is preferred but not required.
Please give details here:
This is one way for you to know when CNVC refers a sale to you.
Please give details here:
We invite you to make an annual donation to CNVC in recognition of the mutual benefit of our relationship.
Please give details here:

Your Item

Tell us the type of item that this is
Please tell us which topics your item relates to (if you are not sure, choose "General")
Please tell us the language:
This is the URL that people click to order your item. This is also the page from which we will discover and take your item's details.
Above, you mentioned that you have a formal affiliate program (which can automatically track when CNVC refers a sale). Where can we go to establish an affiliate account?
We can display two images on the page - either we can grab them from the webpage you've provided or you can upload your preferred images
Drag and drop files here or Browse

Our relationship

Do you have any other ideas for how we can create a mutually-beneficial relationship?