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Attend an IIT tuition-free


Did you know that at each of our 9-day International Intensive Trainings (IITs), we reserve an average of 3 spaces for Certified Trainers to join as participants to continue their own learning? This is one way that we appreciate and acknowledge our Certified Trainers for their contributions, and to give you an opportunity for enrichment and development (and in some cases, also an opportunity to contribute some of your skills to support the training team). 

There are two criteria to qualify to participate in an IIT tuition-free:

  • You're an active or current Certified Trainer (up-to-date on your annual renewal actions).
  • You have previously attended an IIT and paid tuition.

We really like having a few additional CTs present at our IITs because your experience and presence contributes a lot, even if informally, and provides companionship and support to the official training teams and organizers.

Obviously, with around 700 Certified Trainers, only a relatively small % of you can participate in an IIT in this way each year, but if you would find this enriching, please contact the organizer of the IIT that you are interested in and we will consider you. The decision about which Certified Trainers we invite to participate tuition-free are made by a 3-person committee consisting of the Organizer of the IIT, Jeff Brown, and one trainer...the same group that makes decisions about how we allocate our financial assistance.

When IITs are larger (for example 75 people), often we open it up to a 4th person. Also, depending on space availability, sometimes we get creative when there are more Certified Trainers who want to participate. For example, if there are 3 spaces and 6 trainers who want to participate, each of them pays an average of 50% of the tuition fee... and often, they decide among themselves how to distribute the payments!

Please email me, Jeff Brown, if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks!