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Marie Claire Louillet Portrait

Marie Claire Louillet

Trained in Relationship Intelligence by F. Le Doze, PhD in management, Feldenkrais and focusing practioner
Il y a une voix qui n’utilise pas les mots. Écoute..! Rûmî
Speaks English, French
Certified Trainer since 2024
"I marvel at all that NVC has enabled me to discover: the mystery and richness of our inner world, the transformative power of listening, and the magic of what subtly connects us to each other."

 As a CNVC-certified trainer, I offer individual coaching and group training, both basic and on specific topics such as feedback in the workplace. As a hotelier and then an associate professor of business administration, I've discovered that Nonviolent communication helps me to create a climate in the classroom that's conducive to learning. What's more, I experience less stress, and work in a more harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere.

I'm also learning to witness my state of consciousness in action, and I dare to be authentic in dialogue. I have undergone four years of training in the integration of NVC and several workshops in individual coaching also involving NVC. I'm currently discovering the power of Relational Intelligence, François le Doze's innovative approach to individual coaching.

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