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JungAe Ho portrait

JungAe Ho

South Korea
Speaks English, Korean
Certified Trainer since 2013

In 1996, I started working as a nursery teacher in the Cooperative kindergarten, and since 2005, I have been teaching pedagogy and consulting teachers and parents of kindergarten with wide range of conflict in running nursery. I was fascinated finding the similarities between Steiner’s anthroposophy and NVC have in the matter of spirituality. I had experienced that conflict between members in the community I support reduced and become happy to contribute to each other’s lives after they become aware of their deep needs.

Since 2009, as a member of NVC center here, I have been training teachers, parents, Department of Education administrators, company employees. I am interested in building a culture of non-violence, and particularly in protection of children in educational institutions.  So I am working in collaboration with teachers and parents to create a structure of a nonviolent culture in schools and kindergartens. I have been working in The Korean Center for NVC as a trainer. I can participate in CNVC with help from the Korean center for English.

As I understand the spirituality, it has to do with connecting with a life of oneself as well as other’s every moment. So I start my workshops by clarifying the vision of CNVC, and its intention, and purpose of NVC. During the workshop, I try to have connections with participants by making efforts to understand their feelings and needs.

Vision : My vision is a world where the children are achieving their beautiful dreams happily in an environment where people are connecting with each other.

Mission : I aim to achieve that by offering NVC trainings, and cooperating with local NVC center work for social change and develop creative methods of teaching.

I’m conducting workshops to share NVC , the vision of CNVC for our society. As a community member, I work for the change in social structure

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