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Gail McManus Portrait

Gail McManus

BS, MA Waldorf Education, Community Building Facilitator FCE (Scott Peck), Psychosynthesis Life Coach, Biographical Counselor, Mediator NYS Court System
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2023
"For the past 18 years I have enjoyed my work as a communications coach and mediator. I find it deeply satisfying when supporting persons as they strive to reach new and profound levels of communication among each other and within themselves. Values such as respect, consideration, understanding and fun replace fear, frustration and anger. Connection emerges, even in challenging circumstances."

I grew up in New York City and spent many years in places as divergent as the US Midwest, where I attended college; Australia, where I raised a family; and Switzerland, where I studied painting. Later, I taught classes of children in US Waldorf schools. Valuing communication and community building as essential in each of these endeavors, I became a mediator for the court-funded mediation centers in New York as well as in private practice.

I also trained in the community-building work of Dr. Scott Peck. I was thrilled to meet the work of Marshall Rosenberg which transformed my mediation practice and work with individual clients. My ‘toolbox’ includes skills gleaned from life experience, as well as those learned from inspiring teachers along the way. An understanding of the importance of each individual’s unique biographical path plays an important role in my work with clients.

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