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Bediz Gürel Portrait

Bediz Gürel

Speaks English, German, Turkish
Certified Trainer since 2024

 I was first introduced to Nonviolent Communication in 2015 with the introductory seminar presented by Vivet Alevi within the scope of a project that supports teachers and administrators in their practices. With this encounter, many questions that deeply concern me, both personally and in my journey as a teacher and school administrator, were answered. I’ve embraced the transformational power of being a learning community and by the end of the project I became one of the founders of teachers learning community where I find the chance to continue to learn and practice NVC.

 Since my childhood, I have always carefully preserved the value of being an individual who has the desire and joy of learning. I worked with love to ensure that this value was lived in teachers’ learning community and the other learning communities of which I was a part.
As I deepen in the journey of Nonviolent Communication, which I believe will last a lifetime, I see that the educational vision I have adopted becomes clearer and comes to life more and more each day with the help of the skills I have acquired.

For more than In addition to my experiences of living Nonviolent Communication in the teachers’, school communities and NVC-Turkey community; by offering teacher and parent workshops, with my translations, including Compassionate Classroom by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson, Life Enriching Education, and Teaching Children Compassionately by Marshall Rosenberg and with my daily reflections on my practices as a teacher and administrator published as a series; I became specialized in the field of Nonviolent Communication and Education.

 I also started a weave with my friends to work on NVC in Schools in 2019, where we have the chance to read and reflect on educational resources of NVC, to reflect on our daily practices in school through the lens of NVC and open dialogue circles for teachers and parents.

In February 2023, after the earthquake in Turkey, I compiled a 10 session learning program for girls between the ages 12-18 who lived the earthquake with the intention to support them to build their own community, where they decide how to live and learn together and participate to life under the limited conditions of of container homes. The program still continues and supports both young people and adults, mostly teachers and trainers who work with children in that area.

In the last three years I have tended to integrate more and more my love of arts, nature and game to the workshops, always keeping my intention and focus on learning and practicing NVC. I value so much to mobilize all the resources I and the participants have in the learning space where we experience and enjoy the transformational power of giving and receiving together. I believe in people’s power and creativity and with the first open hearted connection each person starts to flourish.

My biggest vision is to have a learning experience in communities involving children that live Nonviolent Communication. Children are our wise role models, who remind us of our essence and aliveness compassionately. Regarding my experience throughout the years, a learning community where children and adults can communicate on eye level itself starts the paradigm shift.

The basis of this vision is, of course, peace. A learning community living in peace and harmony, learning together, creating learning spaces as participatory as possible, that have emotional and physical safety where all the individuals could enjoy power with and experience the paradigm shift as Marshall Rosenberg constructs in Life Enriching Education.

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