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My Link to Mildred

Interrupting the Epidemic of Trauma via Nonviolent Communication


The trauma in your life didn’t start with you, but you have the power to end it.

Dr. Cindy Bigbie is a communications specialist with a mission to turn the tide on trauma and violence. In My Link to Mildred, Dr. Bigbie reveals her own family’s historical trauma, how it led to her work with Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and her belief in NVC’s potential to make a more peaceful world.

My Link to Mildred is an intensely personal story about how trauma plagues generations and how NVC was integral in interrupting the trauma patterns passed down over time. This story of hope and possibility includes real-world application and information about NVC. Discover the connections between trauma, brain research, and violence. Explore how NVC has the potential to reverse our national trauma epidemic and foster the healing we need in work, schools, and homes.

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