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Loving Animals

Do you love animals? Do you live with one or more animals? Would you like to deepen your relationship with them and make it more harmonious?

The online course Loving Animals shows how this is possible with the help of many personal stories and simple practical exercises. Since the basic concept of the course is based on Nonviolent Communication (by Marshall B. Rosenberg), the content works wonderfully for all animal species and the people belonging to them;). In addition to dogs, the stories and everyday examples also include horses, cats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, rats and reptiles.

You can register and start the course at any time!

The course Loving Animals offers a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises. Through the sharing of many personal experiences, you will definitely recognize situations you can relate to. The exercises can be done in only a few minutes a day, or more intensely depending on your individual schedule. This new way of interacting and being with animals will strengthen your intuition and empathy.

The format of the exercises ranges from practical tools, to mind training and visualisation. All of them are meant to be playful and carried out in a fun way, as this is the best way to learn.

Outcome – you learn:

  • To observe your animal with neutral eyes
  • To put your focus of attention on your animal’s feelings and needs and therefore understand him/her better
  • To put your focus of attention on your own feelings and needs and therefore understand yourself better
  • To create rules for living together with mindfulness and compassion
  • How to prevent or prepare for tense situations
  • How to navigate through tense situations with more ease
  • To nurture and be more aware of moments of deep connection between you and your animal and totally enjoy them

Additionally there is a private, protected Facebook group that can be booked separately. It is a space where participants can share their ideas and experiences and learn from each other. Katja and Gabi will be present in the background and can be contacted by e-mail, should urgent questions arise.

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