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Landing Fully Into Life

“An intensive journey of waking up, remembering your true nature and bringing your full self into this human experience.”

Landing Fully into Life: an off-line spiritual journey of remembering who, what and why you are

On this journey you will receive 5 lessons. Each consists of a video explanation of a related aspect of our existence, an intro video into the relevant step and an audio guided process, that you will be invited to keep doing for a week, before continuing to the next step.

You will have a chance to join a closed forum where you will have the opportunity to connect with your fellow travelers in order to meet up and perhaps do the processes together, offer and receive support.



“For me it was a very silent approach to meet my innocence. To see my tenderness and have some very deep and magic insights. And it somehow changed the way to be with myself and other beings. And the best thing is: it stays :-)“ 🇩🇪 Till Burgeff, Germany

“This journey gives me the means to easily connect with Inner self. I appreciate not to focus on my traumatic experiences but rather acknowledge them and focus on the here and now. I’m very grateful to Robert to summarize and share his experience of life because it gives me new resources to live my life truly.” 🇫🇷 Sonia, France

“Suddenly I discover that I don’t need to push my rock anymore upwards, because the valley has always been in front of me and the rock rolls from itself. I experience this retreat as transformational : It leaves me with a deep longing to surrender to life. Stop fighting, undo my combat dress of analysis, drop my sword of separation, become the hidden mystic I always denied to be, read love poems from God, and wonder why the hell I have been sleeping all along.” 🇧🇪 Patrick, Belgium

“With this course I finally got an answer to a question that I asked myself (and others 😉 many, many times. Is it “better” to heal every part in me that exists or is it my path to strengthen my ability to connect to my essence (or maybe both)? My answer after this course is that by connecting more and more easily to my essence I’m growing the capacity inside of me to hold my parts when they are in fear, pain, shame… I don’t need to “fall” into my parts anymore. I so much less need to fight against life and am able to lean into it more and more! I feel love, compassion and life itself growing inside of me! So thank you again so much for this course!” 🇩🇪 Stephanie Palermo, Germany

“Honestly, I believe this has to be experienced. It can’t be explained. You kind of have to try it.” 🇺🇸 Rhonda Eldridge, USA

“Robert’s Landing Fully into Life course allowed me to see my thought patterns and myself in a new light. A profound shift from “Do I belong here?” to “I am WELCOME here.” 🇺🇸 Chris Sallquist, USA

“The processes offered to me a strong connection with myself in a way that was unknown to me before. A certain immediacy of experience was possible, a power and directness that was quite outstanding. Also a feeling that this is natural, nothing “eccentric” or extravagant, yet rather an impression of simplicity, being natural, being connected to the inner self. The whole course was a great gift to me: thank you so much, Robert!” 🇩🇪 Christel Sturm, Germany

“I was surprised and delighted at how the practices Robert guided us through helped me begin to integrate my NVC practice and spiritual understanding, leading to powerful insights and big shifts in how I meet myself and this life.” 🇬🇧 Aisling Cusack, UK

“From his lifelong study of the human experience, Robert has distilled ‘wokeness’ into a few shining points of attention practice. I found his guidance very compassionate, humble, and insightful. 🇺🇸 Tina Taylor, USA

“This course allows you to meet all of yourself and invites you to land into life fully right here, right now, in your entirety.” 🇳🇱 Gordana Stanković, Netherlands

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