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Inner Nature Card Deck

Use Inner Nature cards to track your body sensations, identify and name your emotions, and clarify the needs that emerge from and underlie what you feel.


Inner Nature Cards are a powerful yet simple tool to help you notice and listen to your own inner wisdom. Essentially three decks in one, the 100 cards are organised into three categories - Sensations, Feelings, and Needs - representing aspects of our inner experience. Each card features a unique and evocative image from Aotearoa New Zealand's natural landscape offering a visual connection to the essence of the word. A practice guide is included offering simple suggestions for both solo and partner explorations.

Those in the helping professions - NVC trainers, counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers, coaches, mediators, and other facilitators - will find Inner Nature Cards a powerful resource to deepen and support their work with others.


"I am absolutely thrilled to have these cards to support my work. The pictures and words invite my clients to become more present and discover their inner landscape of emotions." - Irma Jager, Certified NVC Trainer

"I used the cards with a young client ... getting them to choose three from each pile. Two questions came up. What attracted you to the photo and when was a time you experienced the feeling, sensation, or need? We naturally were able to connect the cards in different ways. It was so refreshing and surprising how easily the cards created openness." - Janine Moody, Art Therapist

"Thank you so much for the cards - I did the exercise you taught us and it punches above its weight ... So simple, easy and quick but deceptively powerful. It provided us with a really useful and lovely piece of clarity and connection."  -Tink

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