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Explore our certification program


Our certification program typically spans 3 to 5 years, during which participants are required by CNVC to complete 50 days of NVC training with certified trainers (30 to 50% can be online depending on region, accessibility and agreements between Candidate and Assessor). It's worth noting that some individuals may complete the program in a shorter time frame.

The certification journey involves close collaboration with your assessor and active participation in offering and receiving NVC trainings. The financial investment for this program varies based on factors such as location, chosen trainers, and resourcefulness in finding funding. Therefore, the cost of the program varies from person to person, depending on individual circumstances.


Getting Started:

To embark on the certification path, the initial step is to secure twenty days of training with a CNVC-certified with NVC trainer.

Where to Find Trainings:

  • Explore the International Intensive Training (IIT) directly offered by our organization here.
  • Discover online or in-person training options on our website, which our certified trainers provide.
  • You can locate trainers in your area using the filter on this page or by referring to our map showcasing trainers and their locations.
  • Consider searching online for Nonviolent Communication trainers by including your city or country in the search.

Note: Many trainers have their own websites where additional training options are available. Before enrolling in a training, ensure the trainer is certified with CNVC by checking our list of certified trainers.

Further Steps:

  • For a detailed understanding of the CNVC certification process, read the comprehensive 40-page Certification Preparation Packet (CPP).
  • After reviewing the CPP, initiate contact with one of our assessors to begin discussing the certification process (CPP provides instructions for this). Assessors can be located in different regions and countries.
  • If you're committed to CNVC certification, search for assessors to enroll yourself as a candidate, keeping in mind that geographical proximity isn't necessary, as many assessors work with candidates worldwide.