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NVC Video Testimonials

This page contains links to QuickTime videos (internet movies) describing the powerful impact Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has had in people’s lives.

These web movies play best in QuickTime 5 or 6 (see bottom of page for downloading a FREE version), although they can be heard in QuickTime 3 and 4. Since these movies are quite large, ranging from 2Mb to 7Mb, they play best with high-speed connections (DSL, cable, etc.). Each movie has play controls and will play automatically when you click on one of the links.

[Play Linda's movie]


Linda Puig

download Linda’s NVC testimonial video (3 Mb)
This powerful story demonstrates how NVC changes lives forever. Linda describes how NVC helped her heal a relationship with her ex-husband, with whom she was co-parenting prior to his untimely death.

[Play Megan's movie]


Megan Wind Eoyang
Santa Rosa, California, USA
Movement Education Teacher

download Megan’s NVC testimonial video (6 Mb)
Megan describes the value of NVC in everyday life.

[Play Keith's Movie]


Keith Fox
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Yoga Instructor and Motivational Trainer

download Keith’s NVC testimonial video (2 Mb)
Keith talks about how NVC helped him to listen to his family and to improve his relationships.

[Play John's movie]


John Kinyon
Oakland, California, USA
CNVC Certified Trainer

download John’s NVC testimonial video (2 Mb)
John reveals how he met Marshall, how NVC has impacted his life, and how he has learned to connect at the heart level.

[Play Larisa's movie]


Larisa Kasumagic
Bosna i Herzegovina/Bosnia & Herzegovina
English teacher

download Larisa’s NVC testimonial video (7 Mb)
The large scale implications of NVC are emphasized, as a woman who has lived through the horrors of war in Bosna i Herzegovina (Bosnia & Herzegovina) talks about NVC as a way to heal the past, and reduce violence in the future.

[Play Rev. Mair's movie]


Reverend Mair Alight
Minister of Religious Science

download Mair’s NVC testimonial video (3 Mb)
This stirring testimonial shows the impact of NVC on Reverend Alight who is integrating NVC throughout all aspects of her life; this includes taking NVC into San Quentin Prison.

These videos play best with QuickTime Player 5 or 6.
You may need to download the FREE QuickTime Player before viewing them. download Quicktime Taking this link will open a new window. To return to this page, close that window.

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commpassionate communication

When practised is an enlighting experiance if a person really is looking to get along and discover the true self and get at the root of miscommunication. It really makes a person look at how and why we say the things we do. then we make adjustments in our beliefs and how we relate to others. Id like to work on it from my workbook and cd every day at least 15 minutes. I wish i had this rememberance, mind set, life times ago who know maybe i did and forgot this lifetime until now. I remember being more intutitive when i was big enough to just fit under a coffee table than i have had now that i am know as one of the worlds most intuitive person. I request those who have been assign to follow me around to steal every good experiance i ever had to stop and be themselves i am already taken.

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