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For Parents: Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Our children are so important to us, yet we struggle daily to have the quality of connection we want with them and to parent in ways we feel truly good about.

Whether you are new to NVC and want to explore bringing it to your family, or you are already practicing NVC with your family and would like further support, I hope this page will contribute to meeting your needs.

Parenting egroup

Since May 2001, the NVC-parenting email group has been contributing to meeting parents’ needs for community, support, empathy, and learning.

If you decide you want to put NVC into practice in your parenting, you are welcome to join this group by clicking on this link: (nvc-parenting-subscribe [at] yahoogroups [dot] com).

Reading Materials

(1) “Parenting from Your Heart: Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection, and Choice,” by Inbal Kashtan, Order the booklet from our bookstore (available in August 2003) or read several excerpts, numbers 3–6, below.

(2) “Raising Children Compassionately: Parenting the Nonviolent Communication Way” by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Order the booklet from our bookstore and/or read an excerpt.

(3)Parenting for Peace by Inbal Kashtan, published in Paths of Learning (spring 2003) and California Homeschooler (October 2002).

(4)Grabbing Our Way to Peace: Responding to Tugs of War and Other Battles of Daily Life.” by Inbal Kashtan, published in Neighborhood Parents Network, April 2002.

(5) Hearing the ‘Yes’ in the ‘No’ by Inbal Kashtan, published in Neighborhood Parents Network, February 2002 and The Boulder County Family Connection, March 2002.

(6) Compassionate Connection: Nonviolent Communication with Children," by Inbal Kashtan, published in Mothering, January/February 2002.

Parenting Workshops

  • Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP): A nine-month training program aimed at nurturing and developing peer leaders who are committed to spreading NVC to parents in their communities, especially where there are no NVC trainers.
  • Look for trainers and local NVC supporters in your area or around the world, or read about other training opportunities.
  • If there are no trainers in your area, see learning nvc without a trainer.
  • If you would like to organize a parenting workshop in an area without a trainer, contact Parenting Project Coordinator Inbal Kashtan; you can email Inbal from this page

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Creating an NVC Parenting Community

Most parents have ongoing connections with other parents, whether through play groups, school, religious institutions, the neighborhood park, or parenting organizations. Consider starting a study or practice group for learning NVC as a step toward creating a community of parents who are using NVC. For more information, see learning nvc without a trainer.

Bringing NVC to Schools

For information on bringing NVC into schools, see our education resources.

“My children taught me that any use of coercion on my part would invariably create resistance on their part, which could lead to an adversarial quality in the connection between us. I don’t want to have that quality of connection with any human being, but especially not with my children, those human beings that I'm closest to and taking responsibility for. . . .

“There is another approach besides doing nothing or using coercive tactics. It requires an awareness of the subtle but important difference between our objective being to get people to do what we want, which I’m not advocating, and instead being clear that our objective is to create the quality of connection necessary for everyone’s needs to get met.”
—Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., from “Raising Children Compassionately: Parenting the Nonviolent Communication Way”

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