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A little about me! Nonviolence is the consciousness that underpins all of my work.  NVC has given me a stable foundational practice for life.  NVC practices are woven into all of the projects that I lead and create. I have worked for over 30 years in education and personal development arenas, leading organisations, projects, teams and groups of people.  I work in UK,and internationally doing the things I love most, this means using my skills and experience to help individuals and groups learn and communicate together affectively and effectively! You can work with me in a one to one session, attend an event or training and commission my service for your organisation. I have studied and practice a variety of transformative, systemic and integrative disciplines, methodologies and models, including Nonviolent Communication (NVC) the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Biocentric movement, Family Constellation, The Way of Council, High/Scope, Mindfulness. I attended my first NVC training in 2005.

During 2006 I heard Marshall Rosenburg talk at an event in London, this talk and reading his book A Language for Life inspired me to undertake a further 10 days training. NVC consciousness was deepening in me, a new awareness was evolving and gradually, my skills developed. During 2007 I completed an International Intensive Training with Dr.Marshall Rosenburg in Switzerland and my attendance at event and practice with other trainers has continued to the present time.

I run my own training and development company coaching and facilitate events for leaders, managers, educators, trainers, parents and more. 

I work withmulti-national corporations, private and voluntary organisations, intentional communities, early years settings and schools. 

I lead NVC somatic movement and dance retreats in Greece and offer one to one transformational life coaching.


To live in a world where joy, respect, care and unity co-exist even when times are challenging. 


To share with others, the mastery of communicating in ways which bring authentic connection to relationships.


To help individuals, communities and organisations develop practical skills for empathy, partnership and collaboration in the art of relating.