Thom Bond

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Restorative Justice
Social Change
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I find it helpful to think about NVC training in three perspectives, knowing, living and teaching (or sharing).  During my experience as a professional trainer (and trainer-trainer) and as an NVC trainer, I have identified and/or created practices, projects, games, journaling practices, exercises, meditation practices, and other growth provoking activities to increase NVC skills and NVC training skills.   My usual venues are workshops, customized trainings, practice groups and work on the phone. My intention is to provide the highest level of clarity and support for learning and growth that I can.  I am passionate about sharing NVC with our entire world community, from individuals on their own to individuals in relationships to individuals in The United Nations, Fortune 500 corporations, hospitals and schools as well as spiritual leaders. If you are interested in finding out more, I heartily suggest you go to and look around.  If you'd like to talk you can set up a time by calling 646 201 9226 or by emailing me at [email protected]. Below are quotes from people I work with Thom's 200% energy left us with very tangible tools that we were all working with all week. It really is such a different way of thinking and relating to others. - Peacemaker Training Institute Thom's style as teacher is one that is filled with personal stories and examples that are meaningful and thoughtful. He does not place himself above anyone else. - Workshop Participant and Coaching Client Thom supports and contributes to people from his heart because he really cares about the future of our planet with nonviolence as the beacon of hope. - Workshop Participant and Coaching Client What I love most about Thom's skill as a teacher is his incredible imagination and prowess with exercises and demos that are fun, engaging and challenging. He is extremely adept at thinking on his feet and reading the temperature of the group. I have seen him demonstrate this time and again, particularly in challenging situations. - Workshop Participant Working with Thom has changed my life... Really - Coaching Client and Practice Group Participant Thom is by profession an organizational trainer, and he brings this confidence and skill to the table whenever he offers a training. - Practice Group Participant Thom meets you where you are and offers guidance and focus. - Workshop Participant


I love to see the world as perfect, just as it is.  I also love contributing to the growth and evolution of all creatures.  I see life as miraculous and I am grateful to be a sentient earthling during this time in history.


NVC helps me stay aware of of my internal guidance, my feelings, needs and values and those of others.  When I have this awareness everything changes.  I experience a profound sense of connection with myself, others and the universe. When I live from this awareness I experience more gratitude, amazement, harmony and fun. My mission is to share this experience with others.   


I am eternally grateful to Marshall Rosenberg as a catalyst for social change and spiritual growth and as a friend and mentor.  I'm honored, and inspired to share his work. I believe the big picture of integrating NVC is making the transition from the well practiced thinking that we've learned from others (like judgment,shame,blame) to the less practiced guidance we get from feelings and needs (what we all value and want in our lives).  This transition is a continuous emphasis in my NVC practice and one of my strengths as an NVC coach and trainer.