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James Prieto

Compassionate Communication Trainer, Personal Human Development Guide

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James is a nature-based personal development guide, author and certified NVC trainer, helping people connect more fully to each other and the more-than-human world. He’s passionate about the intersection nature-based depth psychology and Nonviolent Communication as a way to contribute to “The Great Turning” ► by co-creating a thriving compassionate culture. 

• He started his career in electrical and computer engineering, satellite communications, and Agile development. After three decades in the technology industry, he experienced the need for compassionate leadership and a collaborative organizational culture. 

• He’s been involved in personal growth programs since the mid-1980’s, participated in many workshops, retreats and 12-step recovery.

• He began his journey into nature based spirituality in the late 1990’s. After publishing his book “The Joy of Compassionate Connecting - The Way of Christ Through Nonviolent Communication” in 2010, he participated in a Franciscan-inspired men’s rites of passage in 2011.

• He continued his growth journey through Mankind Project New-Warrior training and integration groups. He’s expecting to complete his practicum as a Wild Mind Personal Human Development Guide through the Animas Valley Institute in April 2022.

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