Christiaan Zandt

Areas of Interest

Social Change

Spoken Languages

Public Message

I like working with people who are looking for more spaciousness and ease around their conflicts. Practically, this means I get invited to work with people in teams, in pairs and individually. Sometimes these settings are dubbed 'training' and sometimes 'mediation'.

My main focus is on supporting people to connect to what's important to them, and how that influences the stories they tell and the stories they hear. I describe this as 'uncovering' what is beneath the surface of words - the stories and thoughts that are frozen in the body. I aim for my trainings and mediations to be experienced as a process of discovery, from stuckness to play. NVC to me is an embodied practice, one of coming to our senses. That's why I often integrate my experiences with Aikido, play and Somatic Experiencing in my activities.

I would love to hear from you if any of this resonates: [email protected]