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NVC for Educators
at 10:00 am Europe/Copenhagen
A unique opportunity to explore The No-Fault Zone® Game with Game co-creator, Sura Hart & Game pilot, Anniken Poulsson Beer
Questions? Contact mel.nvc.ivk@gmail.com
NVC for Educators
at 9:00 am America/Sao_Paulo
Jornada CNV com Kirsten Kristensen Treinamento de 3 dias em Brasília 04 a 06 de Outubro
NVC for Educators
Oregon, United States
Learn a practical process for communicating effectively and compassionately in challenging situations in your home, work and community. Foundation Trainings: – Present the concepts and tools used…
NVC for Educators
at 9:30 am Europe/Brussels
Les enfants apprennent la CNV essentiellement par la manière dont nous vivons les relations et les conflits, entre adultes devant eux, et dans nos relations avec eux. Ils apprennent aussi en vivant…
Questions? Contact sg@girasol.be
NVC for Educators
at 7:00 pm Europe/London
During a series of webinar meetings, we explore together why empathy matters through the early years and beyond. We learn how Nonviolent Communication can support relationships and communication in…
Questions? Contact tracy@tracyseed.com