Upcoming NVC Trainings

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General NVC
at 10:00 am Europe/Brussels
Find out all about the NVC Dance Floors created by Gina Lawrie and Bridget Belgrave
Questions? Contact heidi@blabla-blabla.be
Inner Work / Spirituality of NVC
at 6:00 pm Europe/Brussels
A 6 1/2-day intensive experiential retreat which is a journey of direct experiencing, sensing, and being; embodying your deepest authenticity; venturing beyond head-centered thinking to reclaim…
Questions? Contact nvseeds@gmail.com
Relationships / Intimacy
at 5:00 pm Europe/Ljubljana
Building Authentic Relationships: How to bring Balance, Trust, Collaboration & Efficiency at Home and Work is Slovenian Intensive Training (SIT) in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that will take…
Questions? Contact dmitriy.kopina@gmail.com