Upcoming NVC Trainings

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Training For Trainers
at 5:00 pm America/Denver
New Mexico, United States
Immerse yourself in the energy of NVC to  Nourish, Inspire and Enliven ~ 5 Day International CALF* Immersion September 12 - 17, 2019 Certification Candidates/Community
Questions? Contact info@nvccalf.com
Training For Trainers
at 5:30 pm Europe/Amsterdam
10 months long (with 6 full weekends) training: 'Embodying & Teaching NVC'. For people who would like to make steps toward offering 1 on 1 sessions (Empathy sessions) and becoming NVC…
Questions? Contact info@connecting2life.net
Training For Trainers
at 4:00 pm Europe/Ljubljana
This program is for all who want to share NVC in any setting. The modules “Mentoring for trainers” will focus on topics, questions and challenges that come up, when you start sharing NVC in your work…
Questions? Contact gabriele@echt.info