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Choosing Life – Foundation in NVC led by Jill and Richard Broadbent




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Broadbent, Jill

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Sun, May 13, 2018 — 10:00 to 17:00 — London (GMT)


The Centre for Compassionate Communication

London N1 8HJ
United Kingdom


Join us for this workshop to discover the foundations of a life-changing practice known as Compassionate Communication.

Every day, we can feel upset, hurt or irritated by what someone else says or does. Or we feel that what we are saying or doing is not being understood or recognised. With those who are near and dear to us, this can seem a familiar, and painful, pattern. Sometimes we despair of things ever being different.

Compassionate Communication is a practical exploration into how and why others hear us as they do, and how and why we hear others as we do.

This understanding helps us choose differently in the way we listen and how we express ourselves; and so to a more compassionate and enriching understanding both of others and ourselves. It is a pathway to the connection we long for in relationship.

The workshop offers an intensive burst of focus where we explore the possibility of shifting from reacting to others to connecting with compassion and expressing what matters to us from a place of inner strength and freedom. After completing this course you are welcome to attend our regular Practice days, evening courses or residential retreats.

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