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Authentic Dialogue Basics (2 D)




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Lanctot-Bedard, Valerie
Lanctot-Bedard, Guillaume

Date and Time

Sat, Nov 18, 2017 to Sun, Nov 19, 2017 — samedi et dimanche 9h00 à 17h00 — Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)


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Montréal, Quebec


Communicate with authenticity and respect

Being assertive without hurting others, listening without forgetting ourselves – the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) allows us to express ourselves with honesty and respect. It is helpful in all relationships, bringing them more harmony, depth and meaning.

NVC brings clarity and facilitates awareness of what is alive in us, it connects us to our inner wisdom. This anchoring then allows us to turn our sincere curiosity towards others in order to have truthful exchanges in which we find enhanced energy and creativity. In an atmosphere where everyone is confident that that their needs are taken into consideration, emerges a natural impulse to contribute to the wellbeing of all. The exchanges that follow enable the elaboration of strategies that are both concrete and mutually satisfactory.

In this course, you will explore this powerful way to look at and activate interpersonal relationships, using NVC’s four simple and powerful steps.

You will learn how to:

Make objective observations (without evaluation or criticism);
Express your experience of the situation in terms of feelings and needs (without blaming the other);
Make clear and doable requests (instead of expressing demands in vague terms).

Using these four steps, you learn to express yourself in a receivable way and then develop your listening skills to understand the other person in terms of their experience and what really matters to them, regardless of the language they use to express it.

This learning is facilitated by lectures, practical exercises, observations and reflections on exercises.
Overall, the Authentic Dialogue supports:

Knowing ourselves better and accepting ourselves in order to express ourselves authentically;
Listening for better understanding (not for defending);
Making conscious choices with more awareness of our intentions and enhance our capacity to actualize them;
Improving important relationships in our lives;
Accessing more inner peace and living in harmony with who we are;
Settling old conflicts and preventing new ones.

More specifically, this Basics training facilitates:

Understanding the NVC process as well as the importance of each of its step;
Foreseeing concrete ways to change certain behaviours and improve certain relationships;
Developing a taste for continuing this path of learning and growth.


Intent and purpose of the Authentic Dialogue / NVC
Habitual communication modes and impacts
The 3 movements and the 4 steps of the NVC process
Development and exercises for each step
Empathy practices
Gratitude practicing

Target audience:

All adults and young adults who deal with other humans!


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