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Training Details

Thailand Intensive Course Nonviolent Communication (NVC)


All Levels


General NVC


In Person




Romain, Louise

Date and Time

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 to Sun, Feb 25, 2018 — 17:00 to 12:30 — Bangkok (GMT+7)


Beach location

Beach location


This Thailand Intensive Course (TIC) is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication “immersion experience.” It is a residential workshop led by a team of experienced CNVC certified trainers. The purpose of this TIC is to offer people the opportunity to live the process of Nonviolent Communication in community over an extended period of time, in order to develop Nonviolent Communication knowledge, skills and consciousness.

(not complete yet...)
Louise is a personal, professional, and organisational development trainer and consultant. She established her freelance business in her early 20’s, working as a human resources consultant within client business organisations. Since discovering NVC in 2005, she has served as an assistant in many IITs with Marshall Rosenberg, is a co-founding member of NVC Education Europe, and is an active member of other circles in the NVC network, including Education in France and Africa, most recently in Congo and Rwanda. She offers courses and private sessions to individuals seeking to learn and live the needs consciousness NVC supports. Louise combines her understanding of business dynamics and marketing with healing and transformation work to support individuals wanting to make their dreams a reality. Louise originally trained as a physiotherapist and is an art founder. Visit her website at Peace Factory :

We anticipate that you speak Thai or you might have some basic English.
Some parts of the course might be offered in other languages but only if the requests are coming from “enough” people in the group.
Request: please talk to us and ask questions (in English or Thai!)

Who is it for

For those who have a high level of motivation and a desire to integrate the living energy of NVC into all aspects of life, this is the course for you!

Suitable and designed for for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


  • What is a TIC like?
  • Unpredictable
  • Informal
  • Challenging and supportive
  • Watch and listen to video testimonials from previous year's similar events at

Registration Investment

For Thai participants:
X Baht (price to be announced in June 2017)

For international participants:
€ 1 485
The fee includes the intensive course and evening meal on the first evening and lunches during the retreat and is payable by bank transfer. Th

What to Bring

Ah, now there's a great question which stops me in my tracks...
A sense of humour?
A notebook and pen?
A sense of adventure?
Some clean clothes (it is after all an intensive course lasting for 9 days)
Favorite CDs and DVDs to share in the evening?
Musical instruments if you play?
A little cash should you decide to stroll to the café in the village one evening?
All ideas welcome...!

Registration, payment and deposit info.

Please contact Louise Romain by email :


Flier and application details

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