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NVC Discovery Weekend - Comprehensive Introduction to NVC




General NVC


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Bond, Thom

Date and Time

Fri, Dec 8, 2017 to Sun, Dec 10, 2017 — Friday 7:00 PM - 9:15 PM, Saturday & Sunday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (with a 1 hour lun — Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)



Pearl Studios
519 8th Avenue
New York, New York 10001
United States


Participate, expand, connect with the community and help create a world where everybody's needs are considered and where life can be more wonderful.

The Discovery Weekend is a highly effective way to transform relationships with your friends, family, and enemies, and bring more compassion, harmony and fun into your life. It is also a great opportunity to learn and share NVC with people who are important to you.

Since this is an Introductory level workshop, you can register today (no prerequisite trainings are required) and enjoy the benefits of a NVC education within the coming months. Plus, as a Discovery Weekend graduate, you are eligible to attend Advanced Residential Intensives.


-Spend more time in connection with people (& yourself)
-Experience less painful and shorter conflicts
-Move from conflict to mutual strategies
-Have more awareness of your needs, wants and desires
-Have your needs expressed and understood
-Increase congruence between your values and actions
-Translate judgments into dialogues & requests
-Increase harmony and understanding among others
-Translate "bad behavior" into constructive strategies
-Stay more centered, open and effective in conflicts
-Have more fun, joy and pleasure


-Observation and Evaluation
-Feelings and Thoughts
-Needs and Strategies
-Hearing No
-Saying No
-Requests and Demands
-Self Empathy
-Difficult Conversations
-What is NVC Consciousness?

Who is it for

EVERYONE. We have participants who are business professionals, parents, mediators, social workers, spiritual leaders, community leaders, life-coaches, couples seeking to enhance their relationship and communication, single people looking to prepare themselves for healthy relationships. (Please note: although NVC is for people of any age, we are focusing on those 18 years and older. We will consider other arrangements on a case by case basis upon request)


  • What People are Saying
  • "NVC has been a great gift to me. It has changed my life radically, I'm still amazed. Relationships that were stuck in old patterns have become fluid, caring and loving. Perhaps, at sixty-six, to find a new love with my husband, a warmth and closeness with my children, it all seems like a miracle." -- Anne N.
  • "Thom once explained to us that 'to make big changes in our lives we need big clarity'. Nonviolent Communication gets me clear on what it is that I want, and why. What it is that I believe, and why. With such clarity I now act with more assurance, and have more definition, purpose, and love in my life." -- Amy W.
  • "An amazingly clear, informative, succinct, on-time, and interesting presentation."-- Workshop Participant
  • " changing, revolutionary, hilarious... Please accept our hugest THANK YOU for the alchemy you've catalyzed in our staff." --Vivian Lehrer Stadlin, Co-Founder of Eden Village Camp, Putnam Valley, NY
  • "Thom normalizes NVC. He shows it's possible to do in everyday life." -- Mike M.
  • "The immersion of Thom Bond's NVC Discovery Weekend has helped me make a HUGE shift in the way I'm communicating, listening/responding to others, and shifting the ways I think about my own feelings. I've had some big breakthroughs with my partner using some of the language I've learned; and have been able to see some intense feelings around my family as signals of needs I can address in my own life. And this is just the beginning..."-- Deb C.
  • "Thom's style as teacher is one that is filled with personal stories and examples that are meaningful and thoughtful. He does not place himself above anyone else."-- Elizabeth C.
  • "Working with Thom has changed my life. Really." -- Nellie B.

Registration Investment


(This cost if for tuition only and does not include accommodations or food. We have several recommendations upon request.)

What to Bring

Writing materials such as notepad, paper, writing utensils, water bottle, extra clothing for comfort. Back jack if you like to sit on the floor.

Registration, payment and deposit info.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like any additional information, please feel free to contact Antonio our Course Coordinator, by email: or by phone: 646.201.9226

We hope you can join us!


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