Soothing Anxiety: Online Daylong

Saturday, November 16, 2019
08:00 am
End Time
2:30 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
Online training
Main Topic
Inner Work / Spirituality of NVC
Short description
Join Oren for an online daylong program focused on constructive and mindful approaches to anxiety. The day will include expert instruction, live guided meditations / other practices for soothing anxiety, personalized guidance, and Q&A.
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Join Oren for an Online Daylong Session

Anxiety is a completely natural human emotion. It’s our nervous system’s response to uncertainty, mild threat, or stress. Anxiety can be related to physical, emotional or psychological safety and is there (at least initially) to support us to create more safety. But when the stimulus is internal (emotional or psychological) and when anxiety becomes chronic, it interferes with our capacity for joy in life, as well as our ability to respond effectively to interpersonal relationships or broader, societal issues.

Contemplative practice offers a range of tools to help us understand anxiety, transform our relationship with it, and ultimately resolve the root inner causes of this friction. Join Oren for an online daylong program and learn tools to:

  • Soothe anxiety in body and mind

  • Understand the root causes of anxiety

  • Develop healthy habits of relating to fear, worry and anxiety

  • Translate anxiety into action

Note: This event is from 8a-2:30p Pacific Time / 11a-5:30p Eastern Time.

What You Receive:

  • Expert instruction from Oren in contemplative tools for handling anxiety

  • Live guided meditations and other practices for soothing anxiety

  • Personalized guidance and Q&A with Oren during the day

  • Lifetime access to audio and video recordings of the day

  • Downloadable audio versions of guided meditations


Our sliding scale is intended to make this daylong accessible to as many people as possible. Please pay at the highest level you are able, reserving scholarship and subsidized rates for those who are currently unemployed, under-employed, living on a fixed income or with limited financial resources.