Online -- CNVC Certification Candidates and those sharing NVC, meet and greet, monthly

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
10:30 am
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12:00 pm
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1.5 hours
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This online gathering is for candidates who want to become certified trainers and for those sharing NVC. You can be working with any assessor. This is offered through the CALF program. (Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum)
Come meet and greet, get questions answered. Meet your colleagues, receive support, collaborate, discuss. We will begin with a teaching piece and open it up to the community to offer support on your path.
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[email protected]
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520 419-2176

This is a forum offered generally the last Wednesday of each month as a way to support the community of candidates and those sharing NVC to meet each other and receive support and learn about what each other is doing in the world of NVC. Very informative and connecting.

At this session, you will also be invited to ask questions about the upcoming CALF Mini-Camps.

Requested contribution:

$30 - $40


Zoom link: 216 695 3683