ONLINE 8-class Series - Conscious Skills for Effective Collaboration 2/21-5/22

Friday, February 21, 2020
12:00 pm
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2:00 pm
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16.0 hours
Online training
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Inner Work / Spirituality of NVC
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If there had ever been a time on this planet when learning to work together to care for all life would be critical for humanity's future - it is now. People everywhere are hungry and desperate for tools that can be applied immediately to the challenging life situations we are all facing.

This class is focused on modeling, practicing and integrating Nonviolent Communication skills for effective collaboration. You will be able to apply these skills in all contexts of life. In each class we will focus on one skill or more, practically work on closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be, so we can accelerate our movement towards a sustainable world that is aligned with our hearts, as individuals and as a collective.

Teaching and Coaching sessions with Aya
Empathic support and integration sessions with Nora
Practice suggestions will be sent via email after each class
Optional: working with a partner in between sessions for additional support

Sessions take place using Zoom, a video conferencing app. Participants can connect by webcam or by phone. There's no additional cost for the app. Those using phone will need to dial a domestic long distance number. Sessions will be recorded and made available to each registered participant for a limited amount of time. If a participant is uncomfortable with a particular segment being recorded, by request, recording for that particular segment will be suspended.
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Internal Skills:

  • Reclaiming innocence: Reconnecting with trust in our intention to meet our human needs, the best way we know how to, under all circumstances.
  • Reclaiming Truth: Reconnecting with our authentic experience in every given moment, and aligning how we show up with our inner reality.
  • Reclaiming Freedom: Reconnecting with our inner authority, our innate freedom to make autonomous choices, based on our needs, values, purpose and care for the whole.
  • Reclaiming Vulnerability: Embracing our needs while accepting not having power over what happens in life. Trusting our mattering, while letting go of whether and how we will be received.
  • Reclaiming Interdependence: Reconnecting with our trust in being cared for by others, and in the sufficiency of resources to care for the whole of life. Accessing our natural joy of giving and being of service to others and life.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Prioritizing connection in how we respond - by choosing empathy and seeking understanding as a core response. 
  • Giving feedback without blaming, shaming, threatening or guilt tripping (taking 100% responsibility for our experience). 
  • Receiving feedback without defensiveness
  • Explicitly owning our perceptions, interpretations and evaluations when speaking.
  • Maintaining and cultivating togetherness by constantly checking for the impact of our words and actions.
  • Consciously choosing to hear, the 'please' behind every demand/threat, the vulnerability behind every judgment, and the unspoken feelings, needs and requests in people's expressions.
  • Honoring our 'No'  while opening our hearts to the impact on others. 
  • Holding others choice, even when they don't seem to be able to hold it themselves (especially when there are power differences).
  • Including others in decisions that are affecting them.
  • Attending to the gap between our intention and the effect on others.
  • Explicitly expressing our mourning to others when we contribute to a difficult impact and taking action to repair trust.
  • Cultivating awareness about social dynamics of inclusion and using our power to support those with less access to power and resources.

Skills for holding the whole:

  • Making sustainable agreements that are working for all.
  • Changing agreements with care for the impact.
  • Unleashing creativity to find solutions that are inclusive of all needs.
  • Attending to power differences and compensating for them. 
  • Mediation
  • Attending to systems.