NVC for Parenting in Plano, TX (Dallas) 2 options, 2 hours

Thursday, November 14, 2019
10:00 am
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4.0 hours
In person
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10 AM - 12 noon and 6 PM - 8 PM

Workshop held in private home in Plano, TX. When you register, you will receive exact address.

Need support in gaining skills in parenting your children?
Frustrated with the power struggles you find yourself engaging in?
Would you like a different quality of relationship with your child/children?
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520 419-2176

10 AM - 12 PM one 6 PM - 8 PM

"Don't teach me how to live, live and let me watch."

Learn and practice skills to speak your truth with love and received messages with empathy, even when they are difficult to hear messages like, "no!"

Connect with the consciousness of NVC underlying the process of communication.

1. Do your needs matter as much as your child's needs?

2. What is the reason you would like your child to do what it is you ask?

(Hint: if anything is done to buy love, or avoid punishment, everyone suffers!)

3. Let go of getting your way and connect to the precious needs of your child and of your own.

Participate in one or both of these powerful sessions and connect with other parents who want to parent according to their values.