NVC Foundation Training, Jan 30th - March 13th 2023 (6 Monday evenings online) offered by Cath Burke

Monday, January 30, 2023
07:00 pm
Monday, March 13, 2023
End Time
9:15 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
6 evenings
Official training hours
13.0 hours
Online training

Empathy Matters,
United Kingdom

Main Topic
Beginners / Introduction
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Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, March 6, 13 online on Zoom. 7-9.15pm GMT. This Foundation Training with give you a solid grounding in the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication.
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[email protected]
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+44 7847 828 636

We tend to assume that dissatisfying and disconnecting interactions are normal and inevitable. But what if…

  • you could communicate in challenging situations without losing your cool, feeling undermined, or out of your depth? 
  • instead of saying nothing, you could respond in disagreements by speaking up and being true to yourself, without making things worse?
  • you could recover quickly from criticism and blame, and genuinely feel ok?
  • it were possible to stop worrying about rocking the boat, giving up on what’s important to you, or putting up with what you don’t like, and keep your relationships intact?
  • rather than arguing and defending, you could respond in a way that makes you feel strong and balanced?
  • you could stop giving yourself a hard time when you make mistakes or fall short in some way?

This is possible and NVC shows us how.

On a Foundation Training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) you will learn the principles underlying this paradigm-shift in the habitual ways people relate to each other. And you will apply them, using examples from your home or work life, in practising the 3 modes of NVC:

  • speaking clearly, respectfully and assertively using observations, feelings, needs and specific requests 
  • empathising with another person
  • calming yourself down when you’re upset, angry or worried 

Ways of working
You will be invited to work with your own examples of difficult conversations, interactions and feelings in a safe way by doing sharing and listening activities in pairs and small groups and sometimes reflecting individually. This training is about building foundational skills in NVC and not for deep healing work.

Cath works closely with London Certified Trainers Ceri Buckmaster, Carolyn Davies, Daren De Witt and Tracy Seed. We are a collaborative group of London-based CNVC Certified Trainers working together to offer you clear learning and progression options to suit you. We are committed to creating community and a supportive network for those learning, living and sharing NVC in London. Many of our trainings are currently online, so if you live outside of London, you are welcome to participate.  Follow this link to discover more