Moving Through Challenges with Clients and Patients

Wednesday, February 05, 2020
09:00 am
Thursday, February 06, 2020
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Lifeworks East
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For providers in the helping professions such as therapists, counselors, social workers, and health professionals -- learn new skills that will help you facilitate transformative shifts in your patients and clients.
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As a therapist, social worker, or healthcare provider, how do you access new resources –- both internally and with your clients/patients — when you experience obstacles, setbacks, or blocks?

What do you do when your clients push back or don’t put your recommendations into practice, even when you believe these changes would help them address their needs? How do you respond when doubt, impatience, or resistance come up?

Join us to learn new skills that will help you facilitate transformative shifts in your patients and clients!

This program is designed for anyone working in the helping professions who want to bring their practice and their clients/patients to the next level. Specifically, it is designed for:

  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Social workers
  • Certified life coaches
  • Health care providers


Key Distinctions and Practices:

  • Hearing the “Yes” behind the “No”
  • Four Ways of Listening (empathy or judgment)
  • Two crucial levels of connected communication
  • Stories v.s. Observations
  • Creating accountability via positive, doable requests
  • Leveraging your feelings as a GPS system
  • Embodied decision making
  • The creativity of needs vs strategies

Plus, learn new skills to self-manage your own internal responses to find new resources when working with the most difficult clients/patients.



Cost: $427 early bird (by November 30, 2019); $497 standard (after Nov. 30).

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Co-Sponsor: Houston NVC

CEUs: 12 continuing education units available for LCSW, LPC, and LMFT licensed in the State of Texas (additional $25).

Questions: Email the registrar, Jeff Brown.

Who this Training is For:

This program will interest anyone who wants new resources for when your client/patient is:

  • Disconnected, non-communicative or shut down
  • Stuck in a cycle of judging and blaming in relation to themselves and/or others
  • Stuck in particular stories, beliefs and/or behaviors
  • Disconnected from their bodies and felt-sense
  • Pushing you past your own internal resources to stay present and engaged


Related Events:

In addition to this professional training, people from the general public can also learn these skills in Austin in two events:

  1. 2-hour evening workshop on Tuesday, February 4, 2019: Connecting Across Differences: How to Like those You Love
  2. 2-day weekend immersion on Saturday & Sunday, February 8-9, 2020: Authenticity, Intimacy, and Trust: Creating the Relationships You Want.


About the Trainer:

Dian Killian, Ph.D., is the founder and lead trainer of Work Collaboratively, an internationally recognized leader in supporting managers and teams in working more effectively together with greater shared vision and harmony.

Dian is the author of Urban Empathy: True Life Adventures of Compassion on the Streets of New York and co-author of Connecting across Differences: How to Connect with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. A certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and a certified life coach, Dian is passionate about the power of empathy in transforming individual lives and the world.


What People Are Saying About Dian's Professional Trainings:

  • “Powerful kind communication techniques”
  • "Very surprising how much an impact/shift I had through this program!” 
  • “I would highly recommend this program for learning ways to connect with self and others in deeper and more holistic ways.” 
  • “A great professional training.” 
  • “I am extremely grateful for this time.”


Our Green Commitment:

We’re delighted that you’re planning to join us for this in-person program! We invite you to care for the environment by offsetting your carbon impact in traveling to the event by making a donation to one of these organizations:

  1. Trees for the Future: Improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. Donate.
  2. Tree Sisters: Planetary restoration at the grassroots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. Donate.

Work Collaboratively offsets any travel our trainers do by making donations to these two organizations to offset our carbon impact. In addition, we reuse materials, use recycled paper products, and reuse name tag holders. We also avoid using non-reusable, non-durable plastic products.