Mindful Communication - Truth Without Blame

Sunday, January 05, 2020
06:00 pm
Friday, January 10, 2020
End Time
2:00 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
daily sessions; 10 total, Sunday evening 6pm, through Friday afternoon 2pm
Official training hours
28.0 hours
In person

Esalen Institute
55000 Hiway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920
United States

Main Topic
General NVC
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Whether you're new or experienced with NVC, these 5 days will provide breadth and depth experiential learning and integration of the conscious communication practices that support the quality of our lives and relationships. This is Jean's 15th year of presenting this workshop at the world-renowned retreat center, Esalen, on the Pacific Centra Coast of California, in Big Sur. Come engage in the total experience!
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Nonviolent Communication (NVC,) “a language of life,” is a powerful tool for interpersonal communication and connection, a support for creating social change, and a language of compassion for any life situation. In a lively and supportive environment, we integrate practices that invite you to examine the way you think, communicate, and relate to yourself and others in your life, and to help liberate you from the following habitual patterns:

•Judging/criticizing/blaming self and others

•Taking things personally, and reacting overtly or covertly

•Acting from fear, obligation, duty, or guilt

•Suffering in anger, hurt, and/or depression

If the above do not represent any of your habits of mind, come bring the unique ones that are calling for your liberation to joy, aliveness, play, intimacy, and authentic connection. We'll engage in acceptance with it all, with serious to playful exercises, journaling, and even take some naps to integrate our learning.

Taught in over 60 countries, NVC can support you to express honestly without blame, judgments or criticism; hear others' pain without trying to fix it or them; and become more effective in living your values and meeting your goals.

Come enjoy the magnificent coastal ambience of Esalen in Big Sur, California. The workshop fees are included in your accommodation choices: 'sleeping bag space,' dorms for 4, double, single, or suites. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the meals, hot/cold mineral baths, pool, bookstore, art barn, and walks/hikes. Optional fees for massages and body work.

Bring layered casual clothes., check the Big Sur weather first. 

REGISTER at Esalen.org.