LIVE and ONLINE - NVC and the Enneagram

Saturday, April 04, 2020
09:00 am
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5:00 am
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1 day training
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6.0 hours
Online training

United States

Main Topic
General NVC
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Both of these powerful processes and skills contribute to both understanding and connection.
Come play with us to support your self-awareness and self-responsibility in communication and the way you live your life. Go from tolerance to acceptance. Learn about your greatest needs, what is most important to you especially when you are triggered and how to separate out strategies from needs. There will be a similar additional offering on December 5th. Because of cover-19, we have taken this training online. We will meet from 9 - 11 AM for the intro to NVC, take an hour break and from 12 - 2 pm we will visit the enneagram and learn about it and from 3 - 5 pm we will connect the two processes for connecting and understanding.
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520 419-2176

The enneagram is an ancient 9 point personality typing system --- the focus of which is to understand.

NVC is a process of communication with yourself and others -- the focus is connection.

We marry these two processes in the workshop.

Come learn how to take yourself and others less seriously. Come play, have fun and explore the world of personality and NVC.


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