Intimacy With Life

Friday, April 30, 2021
05:00 pm
Wednesday, May 05, 2021
End Time
5:00 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
5-day retreat
Official training hours
30.0 hours
In person

Espace Rivoire
NE of Lyon

Main Topic
Inner Work / Spirituality of NVC
Short description
A 5-day retreat on using our bodies, movement and nature to venture into the areas outside the comfort zones and well-known selves and meet Life in nakedness and innocence. Together with my life companion and co-trainer Noa Ilay Shilo.
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[email protected]

Through many painful experiences in our past we have learned to lock vulnerable and precious parts of our beings in deep and safe places - as it was too dangerous to show them. It seemed like our authenticity was threatening our needs for belonging, for being loved, received and cared for, and we had to sacrifice parts of ourselves in order to protect our tender young beings. We have learned how to manage with these parts suppressed, but in this way we have often lost contact with our pains, fears, longings, hopes, power and inspirations... different parts of our liveliness.

These unintegrated parts are still within us, sometimes calling to us as dreams and deep longings, sometimes showing up as an addiction or a pattern we are unable to change, even when it is causing much pain. It seems like the parts of us which are held imprisoned by ideas of how we should or shouldn’t be, tend to keep bugging us - especially when we grow strong enough to meet them anew and step into a wider spectrum of our being. They are calling to be recognised, embraced and transformed, so that our being can again be whole and engage fully in this experience of life.

In this retreat we will be exploring together how to meet ourselves, each other and life in sheer openness, presence, and intimacy

We will explore it through:

  • Diving into our core beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaving that separate us from life and meeting them in a compassionate and healing way
  • Explore meeting ourselves and each other with radical honesty, in the field beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing
  • Use our body and movement to explore the magic areas outside the comfort zones and well-known selves, and let Life flow through us again
  • Explore the fullness of our engagement with life, with our pre-socialized authenticity
  • Learn to, step by step, show up with parts that were hidden and suppressed, and find the strength in fierce vulnerability.
  • Connect with Nature for support in revitalizing our hearts