Foundation Training in Nonviolent Communication

Saturday, December 14, 2019
10:00 am
Sunday, December 15, 2019
End Time
5:30 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
2 days
Official training hours
12.0 hours
In person
Main Topic
General NVC
Short description
This workshop will offer a dynamic and embodied introduction to Nonviolent communication (NVC) which supports a greater awareness of the dynamics that play out in your life and gives very practical compassionate support to navigate them.
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In this workshop, we will strengthen understanding of NVC Key Components

Observation (and Evaluation)
Feelings (and thinking about how you are feeling)
Needs (and strategies)
Request (and No Request)

and use them to navigate situations and challenges, and look through the lens of one of the components to move some energy where there is stuckness.

There will be 4 strands of practice:
1.       Practice at being with what is present inside us right now and in relationship with others … allowing what is present … stopping the stories about it momentarily to allow our feeling sense some space.
2.       Empathic or focussed listening (which I distinguish from everyday listening which is mixed up with speaking and where the focus of attention is constantly shifting)
3.       Allowing space for the shadow/jackal parts of you
4.       And a role-play practice of empathic listening and empathic expressing (staying connected to feelings and needs) in a situation you have an emotional involvement in, in which you are likely to be triggered into reactivity.The first three strands help us to get clarity about what is happening, the fourth is an opportunity to experience yourself roleplaying a situation using the tools of nonviolence, and to harvest learning from that.  The fourth strand is a challenging exercise and one I like people to have an attempt at in a foundation training.