Foundation Training - A comprehensive overview and practice weekend in Oxford

Saturday, September 28, 2019
10:00 am
Sunday, September 29, 2019
5:00 pm
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12.0 hours
In person

United Kingdom

Main Topic
Beginners / Introduction
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Learn a practical process for communicating effectively and compassionately in challenging situations in your home, work and community.

- Build relationships based on compassion and understanding
- Be assertive and resolve conflicts with confidence
- Offer honest feedback without insulting others
- Hear others with empathy, even when they speak in critical ways
- Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger, depression or guilt

This weekend:

Presents the foundational concepts and tools of NVC.
Provides the information and practice needed to start using the tools in daily life
Uses an experiential style with real life examples
Is challenging, moving, supportive and fun.
Like learning a foreign language, full fluency comes gradually, as understanding and practice integrate.

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Tel: 07986 581952
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Laura Harvey is a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and offers consultancy in organisations, and training and coaching to individuals and teams.

NVC is taught at a range of levels and across a variety of topics. Foundation Training is a two day course, which provides an essential background to the fundamentals of the process.

People with two or more days training can join Deepening Trainings. These consolidate the learning of the Foundation and introduce new techniques and the means to apply NVC with increased fluency in areas of Empathy, Anger and Conflict.

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What is Nonviolent communication (NVC)?

NVC is a practical, learnable process that strengthens our ability to live compassionately. The training helps people to communicate with empathy, honesty, power and compassion. It offers a means of transforming judgements so as to develop mutual respect and understanding – even when the going gets tough!


How does NVC work?

Both when expressing ourselves and when listening with empathy to others, NVC helps us to focus attention on a simple yet effective four step process for communicating. NVC tends to be effective because it seeks to address the needs of all involved. Importantly, it does not require the other person to know the process.


What are the benefits?  NVC increases our ability to:


  • Build relationships based on compassion and understanding.
  • Hear others with empathy, even when they are expressing themselves in a hostile manner.
  • Make requests in a way that increases the likelihood of getting what we’re looking for.
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that increase trust and mutual understanding.
  • Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger, guilt, blame and depression.
  • Offer feedback and evaluate performance in ways that promote learning and lessen resistance.
  • Celebrate what is going well and stand up for what is really important to you.

for individuals (negotiable for those prevented from coming by cost) £250 for self-employed/ people for whom the fee is tax deductible £295/£350 for people paid for by their organisation.

For more information and to book contact:

Tel: 07986 581952