Empathy Magic: How to Streamline your NVC Practice and Make Empathy Second Nature

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Wednesday, May 5, 2019 4:00 pm America/Denver -06:00
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9.0 hours
Online training
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General NVC
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[6-week webinar] Develop more "empathy magic" in your life to create more naturalness, flow, and ease in your communication with others (includes practice exercises and role-play examples).

Have you ever noticed how being heard in a deep, empathic way is like magic?

When we're deeply heard, our whole bodies relax. We return to equilibrium, we can breathe again, and access renewed curiosity, empowerment, and choice. We also get a fresh perspective and new insights: like a fog lifting, we see ideas and solutions that evaded us before. And with that restored vision, we're able to find new ways to engage with others that, just moments earlier, seemed impossible or a chore.

How does that magic work? And how can you become an empathy wizard---with anyone, in any situation, including the most challenging?

Come find out and get more empathy magic in your life---and greater naturalness, flow, and ease in your NVC practice---by joining us for NVC Magic: How to Streamline your NVC Practice and Make Empathy Second Nature.

Come explore key concepts and practices, including new ways of seeing and practicing NVC, and learn all this through direct experience, via exercises, pair work, and role play.


In this highly interactive course, you'll learn how to:

  • Make use of felt-sense and somatic awareness to support faster and deeper shifts in yourself and others
  • Master silent empathy to give more ease and flow in your empathy guessing
  • "Streetify" your NVC practice by learning how to make your NVC practice more fluent, colloquial, and "natural" and match the person you're speaking with
  • De-mystify empathy guessing by learning to identify key linguistic queues
  • Build an "emergency empathy" tool kit---with "quick fixes" for challenging situations by using each step of the model for maximum effectiveness
  • Interplay both the NVC "mindset" (consciousness/intention) and the NVC "tool kit" for greater ease, fluency, and effectiveness


Who will this course interest? Anyone...

  • Already familiar with NVC and wanting to take their practice to the next level
  • New to NVC and wanting to jump in with quick practices and tools
  • Wanting to better understand NVC on a structural level and gain new ways to share NVC that speeds learning and practice, including trainers, trainer candidates, and facilitators
  • Wanting to develop their NVC skills via learning by doing

When I first experienced empathy more than 20 years ago, it seemed like magic. And almost two decades later, it still does! Yet now I know both the magic and "science" of empathy. Come learn in this course how to bring your skill and "magic empathy powers" to a new level!


  • COST:  $251 - $392 (recordings included)
  • SCHEDULE:  Meets 6 consecutive Wednesdays from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm ET (New York time)
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