Embracing Your Wounded Child

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Wednesday, April 4, 2019 2:00 pm America/Denver -06:00
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This zoom course is for all wounded healers who are willing to dive into the deepest of all emotions and witness the tender experiences they've never before dared to feel.
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It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

As a child, when you had a painful emotional experience that you couldn't metabolize, you probably held it as a burden in some part of your body. Perhaps when you cried someone shushed or shamed you to get you to stop crying. If so, you may unconsciously be holding on to "don't cry" messages from long ago.

At one time, holding onto these burdens or messages may have been necessary for your survival. But as an adult, you can learn how to re-orient yourself through empathic listening, reparenting, and unburdening.

  • Empathic listening enables you to act as a witness to emotions like shame, pain, fear, or anger. Hurtful jackal messages can be transformed as you uncover their positive intent. When old beliefs such as "I am unlovable," or "I am worthless" are explored, and the needs cherished, your wounded inner child can experience the joy of being fully seen, heard and understood.
  • Re-parenting your wounded child gives it an opportunity to experience its needs being deeply met by the loving parent within. As you revisit unhappy memories, imagine your wounded child receiving exactly the kind of support they have always needed. Because your body doesn't know the difference between real and imagined experiences, you can free your inner community of long-term suffering.
  • Unburdening is a process of letting go of old messages and replacing them with life-serving messages. Releasing these burdens helps re-establish your inner child's true nature: joyful, playful, innocent, expressive, and loving.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but delving into painful experiences can be a wonderful process, because it brings you into contact with your deepest need for love.

Healing your inner world changes your relationships in your outer world. By honoring the hurting parts of your fragmented inner world, your inner healer automatically emerges with a desire to support collective healing and social change.

The most beautiful aspect of this work? Being able to hold space for another's healing through empathic presence, and honoring their deepest longing.

These and other heart-healing topics will be covered in Martha's tender yet transformative course.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for all wounded healers who are willing to dive into the deepest of all emotions and witness the tender experiences they've never before dared to feel.

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About Martha Lasley

Martha Lasley, MBA, is a founding partner of Leadership that Works, an organization that trains and coaches visionaries for social change. She works with movers, shakers and changemakers to support profound personal and organizational transformation. Her passion is integrating coaching, facilitating, and Nonviolent Communication in organizations.

She has authored three books: Coaching for Transformation, Facilitating with Heart, and Courageous Visions. For ten years she was on the faculty at Capella University where she taught MBA courses including: Coaching and Developing Others; Facilitating Change; Leveraging Workplace Diversity; and Team Building.

As a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication, she has had the privilege of leading many International Intensive Trainings with Marshall Rosenberg, and has served on the CNVC International Intensive Training Resource Team.

With a lot of humility, Martha is part of Showing up for Racial Justice, a group that moves white folks into accountable action through community organizing, mobilizing, and education. Each month she hosts the meetings for Coaches for Equality and Diversity, a community of coaches who have a passion for understanding and addressing equality and diversity. One of her greatest pleasures is leading Authentic Communication Groups, where folks use Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems to explore power dynamics, give and receive real feedback and offer empathic support.

Her website is LeadershipthatWorks.com 

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