Cultivating self empathy and self compassion with NVC

Saturday, February 15, 2020
10:00 am
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5:00 am
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6.0 hours
In person
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General NVC
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Do you have an inner critic or beliefs that stop you from fully meeting your needs with care? Would you like to find a way of transforming this? Join this one-day training.
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On this one-day training, we dive into the world of our inner being.

The invitation is to explore self-empathy and self-compassion through NVC experiential exercises which include: listening, discussion, meditation, movement, and contemplation.

The focus is to deepen our understanding of the language our mind, emotion, and body speaks.

  • We discover what prevents us from taking actions to meet our needs fully.
  • Work with openness to embrace self-compassion.
  • Translate our inner judgments through empathic presence and understanding to restore our inner balance.

This training includes around 90 minutes of Biocentric movement and conscious dance to support the embodiment of self-empathy.

Why include movement in this NVC intermediate training?

Conscious movement and dance work directly to support your nervous system, to strengthen resilience, wellbeing,  authentic connections between people.  Biocentric exercises help us to be more fully present about how to respond to what is presenting itself, instead of reacting based on past conditioning read more

Who is this training for?

This training is for those who want to embody NVC more fully in life. A pre-requisite is that you have completed a two-day foundation training in NVC, or equivalent. This will ensure a common foundation for intermediate level engagement and practice.

What is the NVC Intermediate London Training?

The London Intermediate training events consist of 10 days of training across the course of a year, approx one day per month. Each training stands alone. You can attend as few or as many of the days as you wish.  Each day is facilitated by London-based certified NVC trainers – for information about other days in this training programme follow this link NOW

How much does it cost?

Individual daily rate: £80 (If you are a regular employee and you will be paying for the training from your own pocket).

Small charity daily rate: £100 (If you work for a charity, with fewer than 15 employees who pay for the training).

Public sector / Large charity daily rate: £120 (If you work for a public sector organisation, such as a local council or the NHS, or a charity with more than 15 employees, who pay for the training ).

Private sector rate: £150. (If you work for a profit-making company who pay for the training).

If any of the above prices would make it difficult for you to attend, please contact me – concessions are available.