2-Day Foundation Training, Edinburgh. 13 & 14 January 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020
09:30 am
Tuesday, January 14, 2020
End Time
5:30 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
2 Days
Official training hours
14.0 hours
In person

The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road
EH16 5AB
United Kingdom

Main Topic
General NVC
Short description
The 2-day Foundation course covers all the core concepts, skills and consciousness of NVC. It is run in an experiential style, offering participants plenty of practical opportunities to apply learning to their own life situations, both personal and professional. You will acquire an understanding of how NVC can transform interactions and relationships, plus a basic level of fluency in using NVC in all areas of your life.
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The Foundation training covers all the core concepts, skills and consciousness of NVC. It is run in an experiential style, offering participants plenty of practical opportunities to apply learning to their own life situations, personal, social and professional.  NVC offers clear and reliable processes for expressing yourself, hearing others accurately, and supporting yourself internally – especially in tough situations when you are feeling emotional  or under pressure.

You will learn to;

+ express without blame, judgement, accusation or demand

+ be honest without hurting or insulting

+ communicate with equal respect for yourself and others

+ understand others with accuracy and hear needs within hostile messages

+ develop empathy and skills to communicate that empathy in a way that is both sensitive and robust

+ make requests that are more likely to be accepted

+ manage conflict with new skills, confidence and compassion

+ transform patterns of thinking that lead to anger, guilt or shame

+ find creative ways for everyone’s needs to be met.

Learning NVC with Liz is supportive, challenging, moving and fun.

Who is it for?

As we will be learning to apply NVC to all aspects of life, the training is relevant for anyone!  Foundation trainings attract those new to NVC, or people who have previously attended a workshop and now wish to refresh and deepen their learning of the core building blocks and skills of NVC.

You may be coming from an organisation, business or group, or as a family member, or simply as an individual who wishes to match their way of being and communicating to their higher aspirations!


£175 for individuals paying for themselves;  £210 if you can set the cost against tax;   £220 for charitable organisations;  £265 public sector orgs;  £345 private sector orgs.

(30% reduction if you previously attended this course with Liz)


To register: send an email to    lizkingsnorth@gmail.com

You will be emailed a reply with Booking Information which asks you to make a bank transfer for £45 deposit, or full payment if you prefer.  This will hold your place on the course.


“My deep appreciation for the warmth, humour, compassion and skill in your teaching of the course. I was grateful for and impressed by your ability to quickly create a safe space in the group, and I found the way you listened to and offered your presence to each of us very beautiful ....an embodiment of the practice, an inspiration”.

“We would like to express our appreciation of the quite amazing time we shared with everyone during our introduction to NVC, and in particular, to celebrate you as an inspirational guide.  The two days were challenging, hope bringing, nourishing and fabulous.  It amazes me how such a deep connection can be made between people sharing their inner worlds, and you put so much energy and warmth into nurturing and supporting us all.  When you demonstrated the ’Inner-Outer dance of communication’, I felt as if I was watching a Tai Chi master, weaving through the energy of life”.

“Fun, enriching, supportive, & a great learning experience!
We were 15 on this foundation training, some first timers, some with a little experience, and for me the mix and diversity was deeply rewarding.  My thanks to Liz for her boundless energy, enthusiasm, laughter, fun, experience, and the gift of being able to share, connect and teach with such clarity.”

“I immediately felt confident that the course was being led by an experienced and skilful facilitator who modelled the NVC style of communication throughout”.

“I want to thank you for the brilliant couple of NVC days last week. I found the process really useful and fascinating. More importantly your approach to and skill in facilitating I found really inspiring - to hold that space with such respect and playfulness, allowing people to open up and lighten up (while all the time knowing that this isn’t therapy) was wonderful to witness and be part of.” 

“A little note for a big thank you.  It was absolutely amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever done any training that has resonated so strongly and has proved so helpful. It was like finding the key to a long-locked door.”

“Liz is without a doubt one of the best trainers I have ever come across.  She's warm, welcoming, funny, and encouraging.  She knows her stuff inside out and is incredibly skilled at energetically leading others into the territory that is clearly her passion. The training is both stimulating and inspiring.  I left having a strong sense of how far I have to go but with some solid tools to use, and the motivation and vigour to get there.   Do it now!”

“The clarity of the delivery of the content was excellent and I love the way the group learning was allowed to develop.  All round, a really nurturing couple of days. I actually left the workshop feeling a lot healthier from being more at ease”.

“Working with you was wonderful - you bring aliveness, playfulness and integrity to the teaching. We have been working with NVC on the easy stuff chatting, and on the tricky stuff of feelings - and it has been incredibly powerful”. 


1. A mug for your hot drinks  (teas, coffee and snacks are provided). 

2. A notebook for your own notes.  Handouts will be provided.

You can either bring your own lunch or walk to one of the cafes near the venue for lunch.

Before the workshop , if possible (though not essential) please read "NVC -a Language of Life" by Marshall Rosenberg.