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Vinciane Marliere

Assessor Consultant: 
French-Speaking Europe
Certification Team for the French-speaking Region

Psychologue clinicienne et hippotherapeute depuis 1979, Vinciane travaille dans le domaine de  l'accompagnement individuel et de groupe, inspiree par l'approche Rogerienne. Formatrice certifiee en Communication NonViolente par Marshall Rosenberg, en 1996, Vinciane intervient dans le milieu psychiatrique et de l'aide a la personne.

L'accompagnement que met en pratique Vinciane, afin d'aider les personnes a se rapprocher de leur "etre de deviner", s'appuie sur des valeurs fondamentales telle que la confiance dans la Vie, le pouvoir de Choisir, la force de l'Amour, la puissance de l'Intention et l'art de la Presence.

Vinciane a collabore a de nombreux projets internationaux et intercontinentaux en CNV, depuis 1995 - Belgique, France, Suisse, Burundi, Quebec. Elle aime travailler "a plusieurs" et a rejoint l'equipe de certification francophone en 2013.

Clinical psychologist and hippotherapeute since 1979, Vinciane works in the area of individual counseling and group inspired by Rogerian approach. Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg in 1996, Vinciane is involved in psychiatric settings and personal assistance.

The accompaniment that sets Vinciane's practice, to help people get closer to their "being in the making", is based on fundamental values such as confidence in life, the power to choose, the strength of love, the power of intention and the art of presence. Vinciane has collaborated on many international and intercontinental projects with CNV since 1995 - in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Burundi, Quebec. She loves working with several projects and joined the French certification team in 2013.

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Hélène Domergue Tappolet

Assessor Consultant: 
Assessor Consultant
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French-Speaking Europe
French-speaking Swiss NVC team

Hélène Domergue Tappolet Hélène Domergue Tappolet fait partie de l'équipe Suisse Romande en CNV. Elle est certificatrice et expert-conseil du CNVC pour les pays francophones depuis 2010. Elle partage la CNV en tant que Formatrice du CNVC depuis 1992. Elle a co-créé avec Anne Bourrit, Laurence Bruschweiler entre autre, L'Association Suisse Des Formateurs en CNV en 1996 et mis en place (avec les mêmes alliées ci-dessus) une vision francophone du partage de la CNV en tant que formateur (France, Belgique, Luxembourg, pays Nord Africains et Africains francophones).
Son engagement jusqu'à présent fut de construire un réseau francophone de la CNV, tout en partageant la CNV dans divers milieux, écoles, tout public, médiateurs, institutions, entreprises, au Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Maroc, etc. Elle co-crée avec l'équipe de certification francophone, toute la procédure de formation pour les futurs formateurs en CNV. Elle est thérapeute psycho-corporelle depuis 1986 et reçoit depuis cette époque des personnes en accompagnement Individuel. Elle a créé en 2006 un cursus à « l'Accompagnement Individuel avec la CNV » qui, avec Isabelle Padovani, s'est transformé depuis 2009 en « Ecole à l'Accompagnement Individuel avec la CNV » sur 3 ans pour former des accompagnants qui utilisent la CNV dans leur pratique thérapeutique. Elle s'est formée et utilise aussi le Focusing, L'IFS (Internal Family Systems), le chamanisme issu d'Amérique Centrale et du Sud et le Shiatsu.

Hélène Domergue Tappolet is a member of the French-speaking Swiss NVC team. She is a CNVC assessor consultant for the French-speaking region. She has been sharing NVC as a certified trainer since 1992.  In 1996, she co-created together with Anne Bourrit, Laurence Bruschweiler, and others, the NVC Swiss Trainers Association, and has defined with them a vision for sharing NVC as trainers in the French-speaking community (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, North Africa and French-speaking Africa). Hélène is committed to developing a French-speaking NVC network while offering NVC in various areas, schools, mediators, institutions, companies, and others, in Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Morocco, etc. Together with the French-speaking certification team, Hélène has co-created the whole training procedure for future NVC trainers. She has worked as a body-mind therapist since 1986 and has provided individual counseling since then. In 2006, she developed an "NVC Individual counseling" curriculum. In 2009, together with Isabelle Padovani, this curriculum was further developed into a "School of NVC Individual counseling" which offers a three-year training class to train counselors using NVC in their therapy practice. Hélène is also trained in and uses Focusing and IFS (Internal Family Systems), shamanism from Central and South America, as well as shiatsu in her practice.

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Shona Cameron

Assessor Consultant: 
Alison Simari
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English-Speaking Europe
I first heard about NVC in the summer of 2003. By the end of February 2004 I had spent 10 days with Marshall at the top of a mountain in Switzerland and I determined in myself to be like one of those NVC Trainers he was working with. I loved the ease of connection between them all, the fun and the depth- a delicious combination for me. I immediately found the NVC community in the UK and spent as much time as possible learning with them and other trainers around Europe and also the US. I became a Certified Trainer in 2006 and have since that time have shared NVC both publicly and within my role as an Educational Psychologist. I moved into working with the English Speaking European Assessor Team in the summer of 2015 and found a space to learn, live and share NVC with integrity and in collaboration. I love to support people to grow and develop their skills as practitioners, trainers and human beings doing their best.
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