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Marshall Rosenberg received the Nonviolence Award at The Bridge of Peace Awards, sponsored by the Global Village Foundation. Other recipients in 2006… more
An Overview Whether or not you decide to pursue CNVC certification, we hope that your enthusiasm for spreading and sharing NVC will continue. The “… more
Introduction to the Certification Process CNVC is committed to the vision of a critical mass of the world's population using Nonviolent… more
  Privacy and Data Protection PolicyCNVC copyright & trademark noticeCNVC legal notice & disclaimersLinks to other internet sites   The… more
If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working toward CNVC certification please download and read the Certification Preparation Packet… more
There are many ways to learn, practice, and share NVC: NVC Trainings Workshops and classes are a great way to learn while exchanging experiences… more
Connect with CNVC Supporters Engage with CNVC Certified Trainers Find an CNVC Assessor Finding NVC Trainings Near You Not showing up in the… more