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by Miki Kashtan This article was published in Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice in September 2002. It is republished with… more
General Privacy Policy This is the web site for The Center for Nonviolent Communication. CNVC is firmly committed to internet privacy. The type and… more
Ser Padres Utilizando la Comunicación No Violenta Por El Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg Hace treinta años que enseño la Comunicación No Violenta a… more
When you experience the contributions that Nonviolent Communication(NVC) has made to your life, it is often the next step to want to share what you… more
The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) is a global organization that supports the learning and sharing of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and… more
By Ike Lasater & John Kinyon With Julie Stiles Over the past five years, in approximately 40 weekly classes per year and periodic weekend… more
Ten Things We Can Do... Pain Lasers and Love Lasers NVC Two Bridges First Call for Children 2012 Anger and Domination Systems Group Decision… more
10 Things We Can Do to Contribute to Internal, Interpersonal, and Organizational Peace Spend some time each day quietly reflecting on how we would… more
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. -- Rumi With Nonviolent Communication (NVC) we learn to… more
By Ike Lasater with Julie Stiles INTRODUCTION Learning is what we do to negotiate this thing we call life. Some ways to learn are better than… more
We come together as an act of service, working for the good of all, embracing the oneness and interconnectedness of all, in support of there being… more
What is an IIT? An International Intensive Training, or IIT, is a special kind of 'immersive experience' developed by Marshall Rosenberg, uniquely… more
The 2 Parts and 4 Components of NVC   Both sides of the NVC model: empathetically listening and honestly expressing   empathetically listening… more
Nonviolent Communication, (NVC), is based on the principles of nonviolence-- the natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the heart… more
The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) is a global nonprofit organization founded by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. We are dedicated to sharing… more