Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to experience Marshall Rosenberg myself and I doubt that I will in the future, due to monetary short comings. However, I didn't miss his message! I learned about it first about 4 years ago, when a friend showed me the video of his 3-hour Introduction to NVC. Instantly, I was stunned by the beauty. Until today, it has a very heavy impact on my life. I am currently in a training program to become a psychodynamic oriented psychotherapist and I am already allowed to treat patients. I sometimes deviate from the formal treatment techniques and just take an attitude of empathy and presence in the session to aid the patient to understand himself better. Often, this leads to a very deep connection with the patient with his own inner energy. Sometimes, this is a deep sadness, sometimes it's fear, sometimes its anger and sometimes it's joy. Either way, from time to time I get feedback from my patients. Frequently, they say that they never experienced a deep connection like this, even with other previous therapists with years of experience.

I hope that I will still learn much more about NVC and will be able to apply it more in my life. It has enriched it very much already and I see an even more vivid future :)